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HTML Help / Tutorials

Trucy's HTML Workshop Yellowstone Magic Blaseball fan and all around swell friend Trucy hosted this HTML for beginners workshop.

Workshop Demo Here's an open source, commented example of the workshop's expected outcome.

Your search engine of choice. I'm serious, nobody can hold the whole of web design in their head at once. If you're having trouble figuring it out, give it a search. Stackoverflow is a great source of questions and answers.

MDN Web Docs Mozilla's guide to web development. Teaches you at the high level and empowers you to dig deeper into the documentation. Sections for debugging HTML, browser developer tools, and accessibility.


CSS Diner Learn about CSS selectors.

Flexbox Froggy Learn about flexboxes, a CSS alignment technique.

Grid Garden Learn about grids, a CSS alignment technique.


GifCities is run by the Internet Archive. It's the "GeoCities Animated GIF Search Engine"

Accesible Color Combinations Making sure we can all join in on the fun.

MDN Accessibility All about alt text, navigation, etc.

WYSIWYG "What you see is what you get" Editors

If HTML is not your speed, a WYSIWYG editor works more like Microsoft Word in terms of laying out pages. Some web hosts like Wix have their own WYSIWYG editor built in.

BlueGriffon Free for Windows, Mac, and Linux with the option to buy a license for optional features.

Plasmic Generous free option and web based. Only readily publishes to GitHub, but that's also free.



A link to the web ring homepage

<a href="https://ring.yell.rocks/">Blaseball Web Ring</a>

A link to the next web ring page

<a href="https://ring.yell.rocks/next">Next Page</a>